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$25,000 Grant from Alexander and Elisabeth Lewyt Charitable Trust 

Provides Funding for 400 Feline Spay/Neuter Surgeries!

The spay/neuter campaign begin in March and will continue throughout May to sterilize 400 felines. One hundred feral cats will be neutered in March free of charge and 100 domesticated or owned cats for a $ 25.00 co-pay. Feral cats must be presented in traps. All feral cats will be ear-tipped designating that they are feral so that they will not be trapped again in the future. If the medical staff feels that a domesticated cat has been presented as feral in a trap, the clinic reserve the right to charge full price for the Spay/Neuter surgery.Call Kent Clinic at 631-727-5731 ext. 2 for information and appointment.