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Our Mission
​The mission of the Kent Animal Shelter is to provide a no-kill haven for homeless, abused and abandoned animals until permanent homes can be found. Programs include Adoption, Rescue, Low Cost Spay/Neuter, Humane Education.

About Us

Nearly a half century ago, a small group of humanitarians established Kent Animal Shelter as a private nonprofit humane society to care for abused, abandoned and homeless animals. It still stands as a testament to their vision, efforts and dedication.

KENT is a haven where thousands of unfortunate animals have found love, and left misery and pain behind them. The shelter never destroys an animal unless incurably ill. Programs include Rescue, Adoption or re-homing animals that have been taken from crisis situations and provided with food, shelter, medical care, life saving surgeries, spay/neuter and a permanent microchip identity.

Hundreds of animals are placed in responsible homes each year, and thousands are spayed or neutered at the KENT Animal Shelter Clinic at low cost or sometimes free for the public and wellness care such as low cost vaccinations are available in an effort to allow everyone in all financial brackets to take care of their pets.

KENT Animal Shelter is located on scenic property near the Peconic River, with a dedicated staff, exercise facilities, and expert medical supervision. Kent is much more than a shelter.

KENT Animal Shelter offers several services related to caring for animals in the community:
Adoptions: KENT typically has about 100 pets in need of forever homes. Spay/Neuter: Kent Animal Shelter is a leader in the region in helping to control pet populations, offering low-cost spay/neuter and public education.

LOW COST Veterinary SPAY/NEUTER, WELLNESS Clinic: In addition to spay/neuter, the clinic offers pet owners TWO free rabies clinics yearly and other low-cost pet health services.

Snowball's Place Cat Retirement Home: KENT Animal Shelter offers a place where a cat can go in the event that its owner can no longer care for it. At Snowball’s Place, cats live in a cat-centered home environment where they get plenty of love, good nutrition, and health care for the rest of their lives. For more information download the Snowball’s Place information brochure, or if you would like to schedule a tour, please contact Pamela Green, KENT’s Executive Director, at (631) 727-5731 or email

Financials & Organizational Documents

Our History

    Board of Directors

  • Dr. Charles Timpone: President   

  • Chuck Bowman: Vice President

  • Denise Trifaro: Secretary

  • Susan Trawick

  • Lou Salvatico

  • Vince DiCarlo

  • Pamela A. Green: Executive Director

    All members of the Board of Directors are volunteers.

Executive Director

Pamela Green:

Adoption Center

Linda Macdonald-Manager

Kimberly Reilly-Operations Manager

Animal Caretakers                      Clinic

Deborah Pulick                                       Kimberly Reilly-Manager

Maryann Cioffi                                        Dr. Michelle Keck-Veterinarian

Nicole Roberts                                        Jill Anzalone-Technician            Taylor Hammel                                       Jennifer Hill-Technician

Lisa Denis                                             

                                                                  Carol Konecny-Receptionist

Kennel                                                     Eileen Striese-Receptionist
Ricky Appling-Manager                         Erin McNeill -Receptionist

Judy Prianti                                             

Lisa Denis                                    

Ayla Scott

Melissa Alm

Retirement Home
Mary Ullo-Manager
Sharon Brown

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